Graphic design for books

Me ta mikra tous onomata

The book is a short story book, whose stories are named after the first names of the leading characters. The design is an abstract pile of boxes in the corner of an empty room. The boxes symbolize their lives, the one stuck on top of the other, like a housing block. The pale pink color is the positivity that the writer always uses to paint the plain concrete wall we are all used to.

Asymmetres anapnoes

This is a poetry book, written by Manos Mavromoustakakis. The design of the cover page is a royal pattern background, which has a pistachio-green color. One of the elements turns into a street lamp, illuminating the surroundings. It talks about how poetry can illuminate the life around it.

190 & 1 Haiku

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry in three phrases, usually, of 5,7,5 syllables. The design is a kind purple, wall textured picture, for the front and back page. Japan-themed pictures were hand-painted, for the inner part of the book. 

Odoipores Lekseis

This is a poet book, written by Manos Mavromoustakakis. The design of the cover page is light grey, really minimal and, on the front page, has a man figure wearing a hat, somehow depicting the writer himself.