Children's library in public nursery school

This is the winning project of a competition held in Patras, Greece, by the municipality of the city, in collaboration with the Pedagogical Department and the Department of Architecture of Patras. The idea is inspired by the mother’s hug. The safety that the main room provides is enhanced by lowering the ceiling (to be related to the children’s height). On the ceiling, a map, that shows the location, comes to life. It is the radiating benchmark of Patras. Little drops of rain, hammocks made by fabric, dripping from the ceiling and embrace children’s figures.

A notional pairing exists between the topography of Patras and the topography of the interior. The corridors have parallel directions with the city’s harbor and the castle. In the first case, the ship-library, transfer knowledge, experience, impressions and ideas, in fantasy journeys, and in the second one, either one is on the castle or on "Rio-Antirio’s bridge", it is a place where one is able to stand, sit, read and travel. The main area is the study hall. A “treasure chest”, where knowledge is hidden and it is ready to be explored. It is a functional piece of furniture because it can be transformed into a workplace (benches, seats), as well as it can be served as a storage system for a plethora of books. In its inside, it is reflected the urban design of Patras, and on its façade, George’s square is embossed.