Lernaean Hydraulis

is a project inspired by Hydraulis. It is called Lernaean Hydraulis and is a semi-floating structure, with a humorous tone. The aim of this project was to maintain the existing use of the technological object and at the same time alternate its appearance and main functions.​

Hydraulis is an aerophone ancient instrument with powerful sound, used in horse racing and military performances. Hydraulis was invented by Ctesibius Alexander, in the 3rd century BC. First and foremost, I chose this musical instrument to alternate it and create a new product with a humorous tone, as I believe that music was an integral part of ancient history. Harmony was the utter goal and beauty was found between melody and rhythm. The hydraulic system used in this structure is a clever mechanism, which is responsible for the production, flow, and adjustment of the air pressure, channeled through the tubes of a lever set. Hydraulis is the world's first musical instrument with a keyboard. It is a piece of art and its technology shows ancient people’s wisdom and inventiveness.

Lernaean Hydraulis is a serpentine water musical creature, which whispers magical melodies every night. Inspired by Hercules and his second labor, we witness a mythical monster, which is ready to produce energy, and let us hear this sounding procedure. Although the Organ is the evolution of Hydraulis, Lernaean Hydraulis is a type of pipe organ blown by air, where the power source pushing the air is derived by water from a natural source. It has two propellers, which move due to the flowing water, producing electricity and, of course, the amount of air needed, in order for it to be played. It combines mythology, narration and the willing to create an appealing functional object. It is a semi-floating structure with tubes transformed into singing snakes.