Connectivity bracelet

Human interaction and connection are definitely present in all concepts. People are social beings and they need to communicate with each other. However, a large part of the population has disabling hearing loss, which amounts to 466 million people worldwide, according to World Health Organization, which means that a sound may not be heard by someone, but vibration can be felt. Waves, a rope installation by Daniel Palacios, was the initial incentive for this concept. This is why buzzes and vibrating tones replace sound waves.

Initially, the concept began with the partition of the basic core into separate segments, since the intention was to correlate the latter ones with the relationships that are being developed among people, the ties that are created and, actually, the more than one connections, at the same time, of the same person. The basic form of the design has definitely influences from architecture, with flowing volumes and clean lines.

The “Connectivity” bracelet is mostly addressed to women, but it can be worn by men too. It stands for friendship and the special bond between friends.

For more information about the concept and the functions, please feel free to contact me.