Safeness pendant and cufflinks

This concept explores subjects such as communication and safety. It is a fact that, all over the world, there are extremely high crime rates, and statistics show that America is ranked first among the continents, with a crime rate reaching 82.5% in 2018, as shown in Numbeo. Although Europe has the lowest crime rate, compared to the other continents, still, 49.4% is a fairly high percentage. Thus, being safe is a great incentive to start creating a designing project.


The first designing attempts were using the concept of the center and the surrounding environment, dealing with human existence and its entity. The idea included firstly the core, which symbolizes the man, their self-centered approach to things and the way they perceive the world, and secondly their surroundings, which embodies their interpersonal relationships. Initially, the design imprinted two concentric circles, with rays connecting those circles, showing the different aspects of a man’s character. The idea derived from Wassily Kandinsky’s painting “Circles in a Circle”, in which his belief of the harmony of the cosmos is expressed through certain shapes and lines. The man is a being full of emotions and logic. Their personality, behavior, and reactions are affected by the specific environment they grow up, hence they are complex and multidimensional.

The core denotes man as the center of attention since human’s nature is egocentric. The circle is gradually shifting and shrinking though, an action that shows the prevalence of nature. The off-center circle symbolizes the inwardness of man, the place hiding all their feelings. All the pieces created by the partition of the circle, represent different emotions and feelings, like happiness, anger, anxiety, fear, and love. All of them lead to the same point, the man. This concept gives people the opportunity to show their anxiety and fear, and be heard. The dimensions vary, as the cufflink should be smaller, in order to fit the buttonhole and serve its purpose.

The “Safeness” is addressed to both sexes and it can be worn as a pendant necklace or a cufflink. Both versions have the same capabilities and characteristics, except for the minor differences in appearance. These pieces are as well connected to a smartphone application. Through this app, the user can make alterations and manage the functions of the smart devices. The most special feature of these pieces is that they serve as a protection zone for the user.

For more information about the concept and the functions, please feel free to contact me.